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Youth Ministry Resources

January 19, 2009

People sometimes ask me, “Where do you get the stuff you use for the youth ministry?”  This post will list websites that I have used.  Click on the names in gray to go to their website.   Dare 2 Share Ministries – We’ve been to their conferences and love it!  The website has free resources […]

Church online…

December 27, 2008

I went to church online for the Christmas Eve service at  This was the second time I have checked their services out online.  The first time, my internet connection wasn’t quite fast enough and the video feed would switch to audio only.  This time it was much better.  The worship time was great.  I […]

Do you really care?

October 27, 2008 recently finished a series called, Kaleo, which means called.  In part 1, Craig Groeschel says that as Christ-followers we are called to care.  He refers to all the places in scripture where Jesus is moved with compassion.  Then, Pastor Craig shares the story of the good samaritan.  He makes three points about compassion: Compassion interrupts. Compassion […]