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Gospel Journey Maui

March 15, 2009

We started the Gospel Journey Maui series in youth tonight.  Dare 2 Share picked 7 strangers to spend a week in Maui in an MTV-style beach house.  A Buddhist, a 7th Day Adventist, a Mormon, a Muslim, an evangelical Christian, an Agnostic with a Jewish heritage, a New Ager, and a passionate Jesus follower make […]

Basic Training Part 3 of 3

March 2, 2009

In the final session of the Basic Training series, our goal was to combine the GOSPEL Journey and our testimony.  The GOSPEL Journey by itself can come across as too mechanical.  Our testimony by itself may not completely explain God’s plan of salvation.  However, when we combine the sound theology of the GOSPEL Journey and […]

Youth Ministry Resources

January 19, 2009

People sometimes ask me, “Where do you get the stuff you use for the youth ministry?”  This post will list websites that I have used.  Click on the names in gray to go to their website.   Dare 2 Share Ministries – We’ve been to their conferences and love it!  The website has free resources […]

Book Review: Divine Obsession by Rob Hensser (2006)

December 22, 2008

Title:  Divine Obsession  ISBN:  9780739468692 Author:  Rob Hensser About the author:  He is the director of “the Construct,” a discipleship and mentoring community for youth, and a member of the executive leadership team of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Melbourne, Australia.  He spends 26 weeks a year speaking to groups of young from all […]

Innovative vs Entertaining vs Boring

October 25, 2008

I caught a short segment on TBN with Kirk Cameron and Ron Luce.  They said that research shows that up to 88% of churched teenagers will leave the church after high school.  Cameron said that he thinks some are leaving because youth ministries are entertaining kids and feeding them pizza without connecting them with a […]

Middle of the Night Meetings

October 23, 2008

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself wide awake?  Every once in a while that happens to me.  It usually means that God has something to say to me and/or I have some creative ideas to flesh out.  Tonight is one of those nights.  I have big questions […]

Crazy Teenager

October 17, 2008

I ate lunch with a crazy teenager today.  Levi is a senior in high school and he tells everyone about Jesus.  Over the last couple of months, several students in my youth ministry have told me that this guy came up to them and shared the gospel.  Other students told me that they see him […]