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Do you really care? recently finished a series called, Kaleo, which means called.  In part 1, Craig Groeschel says that as Christ-followers we are called to care.  He refers to all the places in scripture where Jesus is moved with compassion.  Then, Pastor Craig shares the story of the good samaritan.  He makes three points about compassion:

  1. Compassion interrupts.

  2. Compassion costs (time and/or money).

  3. Compassion changes lives (theirs and yours).

Throughout the message he repeats this phrase which God has been challenging me with the last several days:  “If you say you care, but do not act, you do not care at all.”  When you see someone in need, do you help?  Or, do you make excuses and go on as if you didn’t see them?  “If you say you care, but do not act, you do not care at all.” 

You can watch the full message here or on iTunes.

3 Responses to “Do you really care?”

  1. Excellent blog Bro. You really put out a major challenge. Everyone has been faced with that. I know I have, and unfortunately, I know I have failed. We have to operate in wisdom, but we must do so with love and compassion. It is too easy to make excuses.

    Jesus never made excuses, and He is our example to follow. As a Christian, I know I need to be more cognizant of my surroundings at all times and do a better job showing that I do really care. As Christians, we all need to.

    Thanks again Bro. This was a hard-hitting blog. Thanks for the challenge.

    I love you Bro.
    – Ken

  2. hey bro I am trying to read your blog…the letters are tiny…anyway….I care!!!!

  3. I made the letters bigger. If they are still not big enough, you can magnify your browser by clicking in the bottom right hand corner where it shows a magnifying glass and probably 100%. Change it to 150% and you should be able to read it without straining your eyes. Thanks for the heads up.

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