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Church online…

I went to church online for the Christmas Eve service at  This was the second time I have checked their services out online.  The first time, my internet connection wasn’t quite fast enough and the video feed would switch to audio only.  This time it was much better.  The worship time was great.  I chuckled when they got to the “la la la la” parts and several people typed out the words in the chat room.  Their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” was sick (in a good way).  There were people from about 20 countries logged in.  During the welcome time, the internet campus pastor encouraged us to let everyone know where we were from.  During the message, the chat room stayed open.  Some of the chat was in line with the message and some of it had nothing to do with it.  I found myself somewhat distracted.  The chat room was most effective before and after the service.  Everyone welcomed people as they logged in.  We talked about the weather and wished everyone “Merry Christmas.”  Several people also shared prayer requests and were prayed for.  Some people from the Oklahoma City campus visited the chat room before going into the sanctuary.

Personally, I would not choose to go to church online on a regular basis instead of a physical church.  However, this is a great option for people who can’t get to church.  The interactivity of this venue creates more of a community than watching a service on TV.  Church online can be a great entryway into faith.  Seekers might find it less threatening to check church out online than enter the doors of the church.  During the prayer time, several people chose to follow Jesus.  A button appeared on the screen that said something like, “I choose to follow Christ for the first time.”  I praise God that churches are utilizing the power of the internet for the glory of God. 

Check out the trashcan drummers during the “Little Drummer Boy”:  

One Response to “Church online…”

  1. I agree. I couldn’t be an online church member, but it is a good way to introduce people to Jesus and worship. That drummer rocks!

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