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Youth Ministry Resources

People sometimes ask me, “Where do you get the stuff you use for the youth ministry?”  This post will list websites that I have used.  Click on the names in gray to go to their website.  

Dare 2 Share Ministries – We’ve been to their conferences and love it!  The website has free resources and curriculums that cost money.  I highly recommend the Gospel Journey curriculum.

Open – Free youth message series.  Some include full message videos, message outlines, and/or video clips.  We use their praise & worship dvd/videos nearly every week.  All of their stuff is high quality and did I mention free!


Purpose Driven Church – I’ve use their powerpoint games often. – We used one of their curriculums and enjoyed it.  The curriculums can be expensive.  Some of the video clips for $1.99 are great!


Simply Youth Ministry – Doug Field’s site has just about anything you might want for youth ministry.


Pastor 2 Youth – Games, papers, links, and YM Exchange


The Source for Youth Ministry – lots of free resources, ideas, and articles.


If you have other sites that you use for youth ministry resources, please comment with links.  Thanks.

One Response to “Youth Ministry Resources”

  1. I actually started writing all of our curriculum and making videos for our youth. The curriculum expenses were getting ridiculous. Good tools on here, nice job on resourcing!

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