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Gun-shy or trigger-happy?

In ministry, there are two extremes that we sometimes gravitate to:  Gun-shy and trigger-happy.

Gun-shy is when we are scared to pull the trigger.  We can go through times of spiritual stagnation, where we can’t seem to hear from God.  We also may experience so much failure that we don’t want to try new things.  Or, it may just be laziness.  Although we have the ministry knowledge, we may be too lazy to put the effort into the ministry.  Once we’ve been a Christian for a while, the gun-shy extreme becomes a danger.

The trigger-happy person energetically tries new things.  They start new ministries or outreaches.  Sometimes, they lack planning or forethought and fizzle out.  The idea may not even line up with our vision.  They also may take any idea that they have and try to make it work.  Younger Christians are more likely to fall into the trigger-happy extreme.

I have personally experienced both of these ends of the spectrum.  As we mature in our faith, we need to find a balance between the two extremes.  We should put enough planning into our ministries to know whether an idea would help us accomplish our goals.  If it does not, then we need to put the idea aside at least for the time being.  However, when we know it will help us accomplish a ministry goal and especially if we think that it’s from God, we should be ready to try new things and take a risk for God.

3 Responses to “Gun-shy or trigger-happy?”

  1. Great Post. I also have been in these two categories. Both have nearly killed me at one point or another! I am currently fighting my way (no pun intended) out of the gun shy camp. thanks for the post! keep em’ coming.

  2. Great post Bro. Finding a balance is always the key.

  3. The older I get I find myself more on the gun-shy (cautious) side. I have had times of Trigger-happy in my life…just didn’t think it through. But, I have had some good ideas that God was really a part of…you’re right in that risk is required and ministry is a risky business.

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