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Notes from Rick Warren on Spiritual Growth at Radicalis

I believe the single most problem in the church is the perpetual immaturity of the church

You must have alternate ways of discipleship besides preaching.

Reproduction is the measure of maturity.

Maturity isn’t measured by how you act at church, but how you live outside the church.

Attract an audience, then build an army.

Spiritual growth is not automatic just because you go to church.

You are as close to God as you choose to be.  Don’t blame anyone else, not your pastor, wife, etc.

Spiritual growth is a commitment that forces you to grow.

Most churches focus on one of these:
1.  Come and see (No commitment)
2.  Come and die (Total commitment)

Churches should have a process of moving people from come and see to come and die.
Spiritual Growth is a relationship.

Spiritual maturity is measured by love.

Spiritual Growth happens in community.  You cannot be a disciple by yourself.

To continue in the Word, you need a pathway (plan) and habits (disciplines).


One Response to “Notes from Rick Warren on Spiritual Growth at Radicalis”

  1. Amen! That’s why we have five different phases of discipleship courses at Harvest and are teaching them at the LIA Ministry Center. We are seeing personal spiritual growth. I’m experiencing it myself. That’s why small groups are so important. And of course, why personal time spent reading the Bible and praying is so important. The ones I see really doing all of this and what Rick Warren is talking about are the ones growing. God is blessing and honoring that committment. You, Mike, Christ-Life, Martha and me, Love In Action, Harvest … we have all seen God do amazing things, especially recently. God is doing a great work and it’s so exciting and humbling. Praise God!

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