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How Great is Our God

As I reflect on the last seven days, I am blown away by the greatness and faithfulness of our God.  He is faithful.  Christ-Life Church has gone from meeting in a conference room at a hotel to having our own building that we can use anytime.  We gone from setting up and tearing down each week to being able to walk-through the service the night before.  From video worship to live worship.

In just a few months, we gone from hopeless to confident that God is in control.  I can’t explain the all of the emotions that we have experienced this week as volunteers have painted, cleaned, loaded and unloaded, built, and come together to for prayer in preparion for Sunday.  Realizing that the dream of having our own building a few months ago had become a reality brought tears to so many of our eyes.

As Pastor Mike was beginning to make his final point, a family of eight walked in the door.  His point was that we have to trust God to bring in more people and build our church.  Most of the people there responded to the altar call.

Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city.  I am confident that God has is taking us on a great journey as we trust in Him!


3 Responses to “How Great is Our God”

  1. Well said, Justin. Enjoyed the service very much yesterday. It was so good to be a part of watching our new church as it puts down roots. To God be the glory!

  2. Bro thanks for your leadership, love, devotion, loyalty, passion, desire for Jesus, concern for the saints, compassion for the lost, ministry to our youth, relentless pursuit of excellent, and your friendship.

    Love ya, Mike

  3. Awesome! Praise God!

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