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Ministries I Love Part 3

I had the opportunity to travel on a Love In Action Ministries weekend trip to work with the Life Church of Memphis in December of 2009.  The campuses of the church are locating in suburbs surrounding Memphis.  Not having a building downtown has not stopped this church from ministering to the homeless.  They set up in a parking lot that is in close proximity to large homeless population.  On Friday night, we served the homeless chili around portable kerosene heaters in the parking lot.  The homeless were able to get warm, fill their stomachs, and have encouraging conversations with LC volunteers.  We could tell that they have established trust with the homeless population.

We were surprised to find out that the shelters in Memphis charge the homeless $4-6 a night to stay there.  These are for-profit shelters force some homeless to choose between eating and shelter.

On Saturday, we set up again in the same parking lot.  Although it was raining, the homeless patiently waited to get to the front of the line to try on a pair of boots.  We were able to give out about 300 pairs of boots. We also had mittens, socks, and a variety of other items that help the homeless survive the winter.  As we were packing up to leave, I noticed that several pairs of worn-out shoes were left behind on the top of a dumpster.  Shoes and socks are always in high demand by the homeless, because they stay on their feet so much.

Joe and Kelli Carson, who lead the homeless ministry for Life Church, truly have a heart for the homeless.  While we spent the weekend at their house, a homeless man also stayed there.  They would like to establish a dream center in the heart of Memphis to facilitate their ministry to the homeless.  Joe and Kelli spoke proudly about their sons that are away at college and very involved in ministry.

Saturday night we enjoyed upbeat worship and a challenging message by guest speaker Priscilla Shirer.  As we were getting ready to leave the church, one of the staff pastors blessed us with several sermon series and books.  The Life Church of Memphis made us feel right at home.

I had a blast serving with Joe, Kelli, and all of the Life Church volunteers.  Ministry is so much more fun when you enjoy the people you work with.


2 Responses to “Ministries I Love Part 3”

  1. Such an awesome ministry!

  2. love it.

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