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Ministries I Love Part 2

I had the privilege of going on a Love In Action Ministries weekend trip to Baton Rouge on October 16-18th, 2009.  We ministered with No Place Outreach, a ministry of the Baton Rouge Dream Center and Healing Place Church (HPC).  The Cooking for Christ Team of HPC cooked some delicious chicken penne & chili.  They had some containers that kept the food hot.  We gave out bowls of food, socks, and boots to homeless people who were waiting at the Roselawn Warehouse, where No Place Outreach does their Thursday morning breakfasts.  After we served the homeless there, the NPO team took us out to where the homeless live.  We went to the levee, under the bridge, and many other stops downtown.

It was obvious that they have built strong relationships with many of the homeless.  Vincent, Franco, Craig, and the other volunteers have shown the homeless consistency by being there every Thursday morning and serving breakfast.  They have also done a great job of learning their names and stories.  They live out the gospel, as much as they preach it.  No Place Outreach intentionally focuses specifically on the homeless.  Instead of just encouraging the homeless to come to them, they also go and seek them out.  The No Place Outreach team also knows how to have fun while doing ministry.  I felt at home with the NPO team.  After we unloaded the boots, they loaded us up with water and gatorade to use in Dothan.  For all of these reasons, I love the ministry of No Place Outreach.

You can find out more about No Place Outreach here:


2 Responses to “Ministries I Love Part 2”

  1. Amen! I love No Place Outreach too. Can’t wait to minister with them again on Jan. 30.

  2. Can’t wait to hang with you guys again in BR. Merry Christmas!

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