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Dare 2 Share Conference

The Dare 2 Share Conference rocked Atlanta again!  I appreciate all D2S does around the country.

One of the unique parts of the Dare 2 Share Conference is the outreach time.  Each youth group is assigned a neighborhood to cover.  We went door to door asking if people would like to donate canned goods to the Atlanta Union Mission.  From there, we try to share the gospel and offer prayer to people.  


During the outreach time, we came upon some kids playing basketball. So my team joined in and played a game with them. After playing ball, I had them come in close and I explained the gospel. 5 kids prayed to accept Christ!  One of our other groups also had someone pray and accept Christ.

Around the corner, we saw a guy that had a doberman pincher. His shirt said, “I am the sh–” and he was smoking. We were debating whether or not to talk to him. We went for it. We asked him one of the questions that was suggested by D2S, “Do you know for sure that you are going to heaven?” He explained that he hoped to but wasn’t sure. We explained the gospel and he acknowledged that it was true. He said that he wasn’t ready to take the plunge. The conversation helped us to see that we should look beyond appearance and shred the gnar.

We’re not leaving what we learned at Dare 2 Share in Atlanta.  One of my teens made the list of 5+ people that he is planning to share the gospel with and put it by his bed. Out of the blue, one of the people on the list texted him. He took the opportunity and texted the gospel. She prayed and accepted Christ. He is pumped. He also read through the Shreddin’ the Gnar book in about 4 days. He said that he learned that he doesn’t have to worry about what to say. God will give him the words.

At D2S, Greg Stier and Zane Black helped our teens to see how important, fun, and cool it can be to share the gospel.


2 Responses to “Dare 2 Share Conference”

  1. Thanks for the way you are leading your young people! It is exciting to see teens exposed to the truth and living it out! I am praying for you guys!!!!!

  2. Brother Tony Dye,

    Thanks for your support. I also appreciate you being such a good pastor to my parents and all those at Bethany.

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