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Shreddin’ the Gnar!


Zane Black spent a month in Costa Rica searching for the gnarliest wave.  He swam through a river known to have crocodiles in it just to get to a beach that might have a great wave.  Surfers often shred the gnar; they go all out after the gnarliest wave.  After spending time on the Gospel Journey Maui reality series, Zane related the phrase, “shreddin’ the gnar,” to evangelism.  It means to go big or go home.  Turn conversations to spiritual topics.  Go deep into the biggest questions of life and shred the gnar.  


Everyday, we pass by unchurched people who need the Jesus that we have.  Will we have the courage to shred the gnar and bring up the gospel?  We have been commanded by Jesus to go and make disciples.  When you begin to shred the gnar for Jesus, it brings a new excitement to your Christian walk.  Go out and shred the gnar today!


One Response to “Shreddin’ the Gnar!”

  1. Surf’s up dude! I love it!

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