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Gospel Journey Maui


We started the Gospel Journey Maui series in youth tonight.  Dare 2 Share picked 7 strangers to spend a week in Maui in an MTV-style beach house.  A Buddhist, a 7th Day Adventist, a Mormon, a Muslim, an evangelical Christian, an Agnostic with a Jewish heritage, a New Ager, and a passionate Jesus follower make up the cast.  


I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode.  The main question was, “Is there a higher power?”  Spiritual conversations erupted throughout our teenagers and it was hard to figure out where to stop.  We had several guests there.  Everyone left saying that they couldn’t wait until next week.  Youth pastors, I strongly recommend this curriculum.

One Response to “Gospel Journey Maui”

  1. The first episode was absolutely amazing. I don’t know about other groups but the group I was in was engaged in awesome discussion. The friends I brought were very into it, one being a mormon. By us talking it out in our group, it opened me and him both up to talk to each other after the Q & A sessions. I can’t wait until next week and all the rest after that!

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