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How is technology impacting ministry?

Here are some of the technologies that are impacting ministries and churches around the world.:

  • Texting.  I had the opportunity to text the Gospel to a former student of mine.  Some youth pastors are using texting for discipleship purposes.
  • Multi-site.  Whether by satellite or DVDs, multi-site is allowing a communicators to multiply their impact.
  • Youversion and other Bible study software.  They allow speakers to easily bring their study materials wherever they go.
  • Open source.  Churches like and NewSpring are making their content available for other churches to use for free.
  • Webcampus.  Some online communities of people are getting together on a regular basis for worshipping and hearing God’s Word.
  • On Demand.  Audio and video messages are available at some church websites to anyone who wants to view it online at anytime.
  • Websites.  Websites allow ministries to share stories of life-change in an efficient manner.
  • Video clips and graphics.  These can be used during worship experiences to engage the audience.

How is technology impacting your ministry?

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