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Communicating for a Change Part 2

Some more great stuff from Andy Stanley’s book, Communicating for a Change:

Next Sunday, somebody’s prodigal son or daughter may slip into the back of your auditorium to give the God thing one last try.  And it could very well be that somewhere in your town there is a mom or dad praying like crazy that something significant would happen in the heart of their child.  I know you would be willing to do some new and possibly unusual things to reach your own son or daughter.  What would you be willing to do to reach someone else’s?

In your quest to develop an effective style you need to constantly ask yourself two questions:

What works?

What works for me?

2 Responses to “Communicating for a Change Part 2”

  1. That question, “What works for me?” is a very important question. So often speakers are trying to imitate other great speakers, and while it is an awesome idea to learn from others, it is also just as wise to be yourself. I think it is extremely important to not stifle oneself but to develop one’s own style; however, that does not mean not being able to take criticism or learn from others, but it does mean not trying to be a clone of someone, unless, I guess, that is in fact you.

  2. This book changed the way I communiate – no doubt. Now I’m wanting to read “Made to Stick.”

    –Terrace Crawford

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