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Our time in light of eternity

Dewayne spoke to the youth Sunday night and did a great job.  He shared a simple, yet profound illustration.




The dot represents our time on earth and the line shows our time after earth.  The arrow shows that our time after earth will go on for eternity.  We choose where we will spend eternity, either heaven or hell.  We should have urgency because we don’t know when we will move from the dot to the line.  We must be sure where we will go.  If we don’t make a decision, we will end up in hell.  


On a regular basis, we need to get away from the noise (internet, tv, phone, etc.) and get alone with God.  The noise keeps us from thinking about eternity.  If we keep the line in mind, we will want to make sure those around us know about Jesus.  If you knew a bomb was set in the building you are in, would tell others?  Let others know about the line!

One Response to “Our time in light of eternity”

  1. Dewayne always does a great job teaching. That man knows the Word of God.
    Thanks for sharing.

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