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Notes from last Sunday


Here are some of the notes that I took from Pastor Mike‘s sermon:

Purpose Driven Passion Week 3

Abandon the thought of walking away from God.

3 things you will have to abandon:

  1. Your dignity
  2. Your pride
  3. Your stature (or status in society)

Step to God.  Step away from things that hold you back.  Don’t be jealous of God blessing someone else.  You can check out the video of week 1 of Purpose Driven Passion by clicking here.  I will be adding the other videos in the coming weeks.

One Response to “Notes from last Sunday”

  1. Pastor Mike is hitting the nail on the head by teaching about passion. We have to have passion for Jesus. Look at what Jesus did for us on the cross. He had and has an incredible passion for us.
    If we’re not passionate about living for Him, serving Him, telling others about Him, then we’re lukewarm. You know what God thinks about lukewarm. He would rather we be cold. Lukewarm makes God vomit.
    People have passion for a number of things: sports, work, shopping, eating, etc. Nothing compares to Jesus, so we should be the most passionate about Him.
    Those who have lost their passion need to get it back quickly. Dig into the Bible, spend time in prayer, do outreach, enjoy fellowship with passionate Christians. And, for those who do have a great passion for Jesus, keep doing those same things that I just listed.
    Thanks Justin for posting notes from Pastor Mike’s messages. I enjoy them. Thanks for the videos too.

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