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Peter the risk-taker

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I did a study of the life of Peter by reading the verses in the Bible that mention him.  Peter left everything to follow Jesus and fish for men.  He was one of the 3 disciples that were the closest to Jesus.  The life of Peter is full of ups and downs.  When Jesus asked, “Who do men say that I am?”  Peter spoke up and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Jesus says that God has revealed this to Peter.  Just a few verses later, Jesus says to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan.”  Peter witnesses the Transfiguration and suggests that they build tabernacles for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus.  

Throughout his life, Peter takes risks that most people don’t.  Peter sees Jesus walking on the water and steps out of the boat himself.  Although he doesn’t make it far before he takes his eyes off Jesus, Peter does walk on the water.  Peter cuts the High Priest’s servant’s ear off trying to protect Jesus.  He also denies Jesus three times.

Peter, empowered by the Holy Spirit, preached at the day of Pentecost and saw 3,000 people accept Christ.  He saw a vision from God to include the Gentiles in salvation.  Peter healed people and raised Tabitha from the dead.  Peter wasn’t perfect, but he took great risks for Jesus and saw great rewards.  What are you risking for God?  Without risk, there is no reward.

3 Responses to “Peter the risk-taker”

  1. I’m teaching an adult class on Sunday mornings. We are going verse/verse on Acts. We are going through Peter’s 2nd sermon. That’s 1st one was tough enough…3000 come to faith & baptized…and the Lord kept adding to their number daily.

  2. Yeah, Peter denied Jesus 3 times, but came back with incredible boldness. In Acts 4, Peter preaches to the Sanhedrin, the same men who arrested & killed Jesus. Peter is a great example of mistakes and victories. He was a man of action!

  3. I didn’t know something happened to that why she wasn’t in church on Sunday?

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