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What song moved you today?

Los Whit had this question as a blog post yesterday and I thought that it was a great question:

What song moved you today?

For me the song that has been playing in my mind is I Will Run – Freddy Rodriguez:

8 Responses to “What song moved you today?”

  1. The song that continues to move me is “Give Me Your Eyes.”
    We pass by so many people. We need to share the love of Jesus Christ with them, now more than ever.

    Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes from Brandon Heath on Vimeo.

  2. dude … i have been zoning on this video…sweet

  3. Jesus, Messiah. But so many others do. Notes, tunes, lyrics move in and out of my soul like breaths.

  4. i have been moved by ‘sing my love’ by sarah mcmillan. also, do you know los whit? i enjoy his blog also.

  5. I don’t know los whit, but I read his blog and follow him on twitter.

  6. “Yours” by Steven Curtis Chapman has really ministered to me today. It’s another powerful song. I think about the homeless and poor every time I hear it. Everyone and everything belongs to our God.

  7. Ken, great song! I hadn’t heard that one before.

    Amy, I found Jesus Culture singing “sing my love” here: []
    It’s also a good one.

  8. Jesus Culture was actually the first time I had ever heard it. Thanks for the link I had forgot about it!

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