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Please pray for my parents

Please keep both of my parents in prayer.  My Dad fell last night and broke his hip.  My Mom fell Christmas Day and broke her kneecap.  They will both be having surgery tomorrow at the Medical Center Enterprise.  Thanks.

3 Responses to “Please pray for my parents”

  1. Justin,
    Visited your dad and had prayer with him. I will check in with you after you get some rest. We will be praying for you and your family. Oh yeah, Dewayne and Todd went with me. Your dads nurse is from West Virginia and a serious Mountaineer fan…so all will go well!

  2. Hey Bro. I’m praying for your mom and dad, and for you and your brothers. It’s not easy seeing your parents go through stuff like this.
    I love you Bro.


  3. Hey Justin – Tony & I visited with your Mom tonight. She is in good spirits. We prayed with her and for your Dad. Hope his surgery goes well. Will continue to pray that God gives you all strength during this time. Love you! Debbie

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