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a season for giving

I had a chance today to help some kids with gifts and a family with Christmas meal groceries.  The feeling you get from helping someone far outweighs the financial or time sacrifice.  Once again, Anthony grabbed my heart.  I asked him how he spent the $50 reward from selling the most Wildcat cards at the school fundraiser(click here for Anthony’s story part 1 and part 2).  He said that he spent it all on Christmas gifts for his family.  Anthony didn’t ask for anything for himself, but he asked for a couple of inexpensive gifts for family members.  We picked out a few gifts and some wrapping paper at the local dollar store.  Even while shopping, he didn’t ask for a single thing for himself.  We prayed after leaving the store.  He prayed for all of the sick people all over the world and for the people in Haiti.  Earlier his cousin was making dirt pies in the yard, and I told her about the people who eat clay.  We should all think about others as much as Anthony does.  After all, God loved us so much that He gave His only Son for us.

I gave some bags of Christmas candy out to some kids and had an interesting talk with a 5-yr old named Jaheem.  He told me that I should give a bag to God and that God would forgive me.  I explained to the kindergartener that God forgives us when we ask Him.  We don’t have to give Him anything.  That is how much He loves us.  It’s interesting how kids perceive God.

2 Responses to “a season for giving”

  1. I would much rather give than receive. I wish my resources were limitless so I could constantly give.

  2. Giving is what Christmas is about. God gave His only Son. It is indeed better to give than receive. Martha and I enjoy giving. Each year with Love In Action we give to a lot of homeless people. And, we also give on our own too. There’s just something about giving that makes you feel good. Especially when your giving helps others.

    I encourage everyone to keep on giving. Be determined to give more in 2009 than ever before. God never stops giving, so we should never stop.

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