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Ministry Spotlight: Eagle’s Nest

Larry Arnold and Harold Smith worked for the Marta in Atlanta.  They developed a heart for the homeless that they would see on a daily basis.  As they began to feed the poor, Eagle’s Nest Ministry was born.  For the last 22 years, they have been faithful to help those in need.  Larry & Harold fed people at the park and eventually rented a storefront for the ministry.  Then, they converted an apartment building for ministry.  And in the last year or so, Eagle’s Nest finished renovations on another building.  Saturday on a Love In Action outreach, I got my first look at it.  This new building has a kitchen of their dreams.  The bathrooms are equipped with 2 shower stalls each, perfect for their bath ministry.  The beautiful sanctuary takes you to another place, far from the streets.  Here is a 47 second tour:    Sorry, I left out the restrooms and offices.  Pray that God would continue to bless Eagle’s Nest Ministries.  Consider giving and/or volunteering if you live in the Atlanta area.

One Response to “Ministry Spotlight: Eagle’s Nest”

  1. It’s amazing how far God has brought Eagle’s Nest Community Church and how richly He has blessed them. We were with them when they were in that small storefront. But, they had a big vision and operated like a big ministry. Now, God has blessed them with this beautiful facility. It’s the faithfulness of God. Pastor Larry and Bro. Harold have always loved on the homeless, and they have seen the homeless come off the streets to live productive lives. Some of them are now serving other at Eagle’s Nest.

    Another man is close to coming off the streets. His name is Joseph. Keep him in your prayers. He starts a new job on Tuesday, Dec. 16, and then his next step will be getting a place of his own. He worked hard Saturday during our outreach.

    Eagle’s Nest is a great place to give financially to and to give of your time. God will certainly bless you for doing so.

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