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No one was sorry when he died.

King Jehoshaphat was a good king because he did remove the Asherah poles and sought God.  However, he aligned himself with wicked people.  He became friends with Ahab, one of the wickedest kings ever.  He even had his oldest son marry Ahab & Jezebel’s daughter.  When Jehoshaphat died, his oldest son Jehoram became king.  His story is found in 2 Chronicles 21.

Jehoram’s first move as king was to kill his 6 brothers.  He allowed his insecurity/paranoia to get the best of him.  He got rid of all of his rivals.  Obama seems to be taking a different approach.  He has included 3 of his rivals in the Democratic primary (Biden, Clinton, & Richardson) in his government.  Hopefully, this will work for the good of the country.  Let’s get back to Jehoram.  With his brothers dead, he continued the evil by worshipping idols.  God sent the Philistines and Arabs to attack and plunder Judah.  God also allowed Jehoram to suffer from a painful intestinal disease that took 2 years to kill him.  Then the Bible says, “No one was sorry when he died.”  Wow!  That phrase jumps off the page.  What will people say when you die?  Will they at least be sorry?  Will anyone miss you?  Have you done any good during your time on this planet?

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