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I am thankful for NY sports minus the Yankees :)

Here’s my top 5 reasons I am thankful for sports this year:

5.  The Jets traded for Brett Favre

4.  The Knicks have a new coach (Mike D’Antoni).

3.  The Giants won the Super Bowl.

2.  The Giants are going to repeat.

1.  The Knicks clear up cap space by trading Crawford and Randolph to go after Lebron James in 2010.

Of course, sports aren’t everything.  I am also thankful for Jesus, my family and my church.  Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

One Response to “I am thankful for NY sports minus the Yankees :)”

  1. Well, I certainly understand about being thankful for your favorite sports teams, but I bet you are the only person in the world who is thankful for the Knicks. Knick fans are usually the most thankful when the season is over and they don’t have to watch such horrible b-ball for a few months. And the Knicks getting James? That would be cool, but I doubt it will happen. I actually like the Knicks. Mainly because they have the greatest arena to watch a game in, but he will want to go to a winner.

    That’s where it ends for me with NY teams. I could care less about baseball, but if I did I would be a Yankees fan any day before I would cheer for the Mets. 🙂

    But football …. you know how I feel about the Midgets …. uh, I mean the giants. Here’s to Manning turning back into the Eli we once knew and love. He has shown flashes of that this year. The running game is where it’s at for you guys. But, injuries are creeping in there too. My Redskins have the best back in the NFL in Clinton Portis. His NFL-leading 1,206 yards attest to that.

    However, injuries may be our downfall. Eight starters have missed practice this week, including three of our four defensive linemen, two linebackers, two offennsive linemen (all on the left side of the line) and Portis. If London Fletcher doesn’t play, we will be in trouble. Injuries will be the only thing that will keep us from a win this Sunday. But, we may just whip the giants any way.

    Don’t get too excited about the Jets. You know they are choke artists. Farve will throw INTs in the big games and crush the poor Jets fans’ hopes once again. If not for Joe Namath, they would never know what it’s like to cheer for a winner.

    I think the one thing we can agree on is we’re both thankful for sports.

    Love you man. Have a great Thanksgiving Bro. Tell Jeremy, Jennifer and your mom and dad hi.

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