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Anthony wins!

This is a follow up to this post.  Anthony is a fourth grader, who comes from a poor family.  His school just finished a fundraiser.  He is not someone you would expect to sell much.  After school he walked to the businesses in downtown Enterprise, and asked them to buy a discount card.  Anthony did end up selling the most Wildcat cards.  He sold 104 raising $1040 for his elementary school!  He outsold the second place student by 40 cards.  I got a chance to tell Anthony how proud I was of him.  

Anthony is fulfilling his potential.  Are you?

3 Responses to “Anthony wins!”

  1. Way to go Anthony! That’s awesome.
    Could it be that a certain children’s pastor named Justin Swasey helped instill confidence into him when Anthony was a child? By showing him God’s love and teaching him about Jesus, I know that touched his heart. He was such a shy little boy living in a bad situation.

    Thanks for updating us about Anthony.

  2. […] the most Wildcat cards at the school fundraiser(click here for Anthony’s story part 1 and part 2).  He said that he spent it all on Christmas gifts for his family.  Anthony didn’t ask for […]

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