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ahh…good times…

I was driving today thinking about how awesome it is that video messages are allowing talented communicators to make a great impact for God.  Then, I had a flashback that made me smile.  When I was in 6th grade(1990), my brothers and I went to a small Christian school.  I worked mostly by self-pace.  My two younger brothers had video teaching from A Beka.    Judging by the clothes being worn, the teaching tapes were from the early eighties.  The students that used the video wore headphones and we were all in the same classroom.  Those of us that were working self-pace would crack-up when they answered the video teacher or sang songs with their video classmates.

That reminds me…When Perry Noble preached his first sermon that was transmitted to another campus, he acted like the video was breaking up by purposely pausing his movements and preaching.  The tech guys at the other campus did not think it was very funny.

3 Responses to “ahh…good times…”

  1. I thought this was going to be like a JJ Walker thing

  2. sorry to disappoint you but the show Good Times was before my time and I’ve never watched the reruns.

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