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The Politics Fix

I don’t know about you, but politics over the last year has got me thinking that this election just might make a difference.  Vote.  Pray for whoever is elected, they will need it!  Here are several blogs that I’ve read recently with interesting takes on this presidential election:  

  • Pastor Mike’s Blog
  • Perry Noble points out that some people are looking to the next president as their savior.
  • Elevation Church‘s current series, The Real Change Campaign, is playing off the current election.
  • Tim Stevens has been blogging all week about politics and Christian leaders who are announcing their vote.  Here is his take on their charitable giving:

If I were giving the four candidates a grade based soley on their charitable giving (considering all tax returns released), it would look like this…


These percentages include ALL the giving from ALL the tax returns released by ALL the candidates. No available years were omitted.


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