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Pastor Appreciation Part 2

Several pastors have influenced me over the past 2 years even though I have never met them.  And I want to let them know that I appreciate them.

Andy Stanley has challenged me to think differently by his books and his messages.  He communicates one point in each message.  He also does a great job telling stories from the Bible in a way that is memorable.

Perry Noble inspires me to promote the local church.  In his blog, he constantly lets people know how excited he is about the upcoming church service.  He is upfront and honest with his struggles.  His Unleash Conference shows his heart to help church leaders succeed.  He has a passion to see people come to Christ!

Craig Groeschel is the most kingdom-minded pastor that I know of.  He organized the One Prayer Series that brought hundreds of churches together to take part in the same series focused on prayer.  His church, gives away all of the resources they develop for free to any church that wants them.  We have used their children’s curriculum, message series, youth messages, and video worship in our church.  His most recent book, It, is phenomenal.  For all of these reasons, he has impacted my life.

I appreciate Steven Furtick’s heart to reach those who are far from God.  He blogs about his church’s amazing growth from 100 to 4500 in weekly attendance in just 3 years.  He also explains his challenges and struggles in leading this explosive ministry.  He shows that dreams can come true!

Thank-you Pastors for being faithful to your calling and making a difference in people’s lives.

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