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Sunday Night Reflections

I really enjoyed the church service today at the Hampton Inn.  Worship was awesome.  Dimming the lights gave it a more inviting atmosphere.  It was great to see Tony & Debbie, Glenn & Missy, and Todd & Amber with their baby girl.

Pastor Mike preached a message entitled, “Selfish Saints.” 


After he finished his praise of the Mountaineers’ victory over Auburn, he read the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6:9-15.  Unforgiveness stops the blessing of God.  Praying people find it easier to forgive.

·          4

·          God has forgiven you, so how can we withhold forgiveness from others.

·     we Injure others by not forgiving because of our lack of spiritual maturity

·          Victorious Christian living requires forgiveness

·          Escape anger, bitterness, and times of depression by releasing forgiveness


Why don’t we forgive?

1.We are selfish… childish

2.We are self-centered… nosey

3.We are self-righteous… condemning

4.We are self-consumed… carry baggage


He closed by illustrating how some Christians carry baggage from childhood hurts, broken relationships, church situations, etc.  He could hardly move once he got to his 6th and 7th bag.  We try to act like nothing is wrong, even though we harbor unforgiveness.  Throughout the sermon, he repeated the phrase, “God forgives us, as we forgive others.”  Have you extended forgiveness to those who have hurt you?  Pastor Mike encouraged us to give it to God, to write a letter expressing the hurt and your forgiveness (you don’t have to send it), and go to the person if necessary and communicate your forgiveness.



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