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Crazy Teenager

I ate lunch with a crazy teenager today.  Levi is a senior in high school and he tells everyone about Jesus.  Over the last couple of months, several students in my youth ministry have told me that this guy came up to them and shared the gospel.  Other students told me that they see him witnessing to people at school all the time.  We have been teaching a series in our youth ministry called IN PURSUIT and I knew that one of the sermons needed to be “In Pursuit of the Lost.”  The students have heard me teach on evangelism before, so I asked Levi if he could preach this week.  He agreed, so I took him to lunch today to discuss the service. 

Levi has obviously saturated himself in the Word of God.  He quotes alot of Scripture.  From the great commission, he realized that he has the authority to share the gospel everywhere he goes.  He also said that he relies on the spirit to give him direction in sharing the gospel.  Even as we ate lunch, he saw teenagers from his school and said, “They are going to know Jesus soon.”  He finally told me his goal:  To witness to every single student at his school before he graduates!  I’ve done my share of witnessing and been around people that are awesome at personal evangelism, but I have never met someone with that type of a personal goal.  God, give me that kind of passion to reach the lost.  Levi also said that his prayer recently has been “Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours.”  One of the things that breaks God’s heart are lost people.  Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.  We should be about the same thing.

One Response to “Crazy Teenager”

  1. justin … you are crazy as well…i have rarely seen a person crazier for christ than you…i love your zeal for jesus…i love you bro

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